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Wilder's Wild One / Personal

Well... we did it! Our sweet baby girl turned one on the 13th of January and we have officially survived the first year of parenting three kiddos. What a ride!

Wilder Hope was just what our hearts needed. She was our 2020 sunshine during a lot of rainy days.

Strong willed, goofy, and vocal, she has fit right into our clan and it's safe to say we are all crazy about her. We had a small get together with family for her first birthday and I wanted to share a few of my favorite snaps... just because I can! I actually did a pretty abysmal job of taking pictures of anything other than my kids, but I did get one of the cake and the balloon thing that took way too long.

God bless you Pinterest moms!

My favorite part of the day was that Homegirl didn't crack one smile while digging into her cake until her brothers came over and tried to get into it too :).

Happy birthday Wild girl!


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