• Dana Martin

Wellington / Lifestyle / Longmont, CO

Let me tell you a little bit about Wellington.

She is such a soulful, creative woman. She sings, models, teaches, creates, and does all of it with joy. One of my favorite things about her is her quiet thoughtfulness- you can tell she understands the weight of words, so she thinks about her responses and thoughtfully responds. Recently I had the pleasure of creating a set of lifestyle photos with her.

Our goal was a "Natural Lounge" vibe.

What a joy to work with such a talented and inspirational woman- check out a few highlights from our set below!

It's truly an honor for me to meet and work alongside such wonderful people. I love the opportunity I get to see a vision come to life that every party is proud of.

Like my work? I would love to work with you! Please reach out and we can create something beautiful together that represents the amazing person you are.


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