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Tyler Jane / Maternity / Firestone, CO

I've been racking my brain for a few weeks now on how to describe my photography style. To be honest I'm still not really sure, but I tend to shy away (as far as I can) from extra posed perfection. Yes I love beautiful light and I love making clients feel their best, but I also want you to feel like YOU when you get your pictures back. I remember the first time I got a set of photos back that I felt looked nothing like me, it created almost a moment of cognitive dissonance... it just didn't add up looking at myself who looked nothing like myself. The point of this paragraph is to illustrate that when Tyler Jane asked me to capture a few maternity photos of her, I quickly responded with "I'm not really a maternity photographer, but I would love to try!" I was so used to seeing the perfectly manicured and posed maternity photos on Pinterest that the idea of taking maternity photos intimidated me, but Tyler was so kind and we picked a date... that happened to fall on one of the first heavy snowstorms of the season. She and her husband Tanner decided to stick it out with me and man am I glad we did.

I'm so happy with how these photos turned out, that we all took a risk shooting in the middle of a snowstorm, and that this cute family of two (+ their dog, Cora) will soon be a family of three.

Friends, I wish it were my place to tell you all about the mountains this couple has conquered during their time together. They are truly the most special people and I can hardly put into words the honor it was for me to play a small role in capturing this part of their story. They will be THE best parents to their sweet little boy.

Thank you Tyler Jane and Tanner for trusting me with such a special time in your life and rolling with me while I made you sit, stand, and freeze in the snow. Also, I'm sorry that I didn't believe you when you told me Cora would go swimming in the lake while it was 20 degrees and dumping snow.

Check out a few of the highlights!


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