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The Beginning


New website, same Dana.

To be completely honest, the launch of this new site feels really big for me. I now have all of my projects in one space, a real life logo, and a cohesive vision for the next few steps on my journey. This is the first time I have intentionally invested money and time in myself... and DANG it feels good! Thank you for being here.

I wanted to use the first blog post on this site to explain in detail why I chose to combine photography, blogging, and sharing life with my friends, family, and clients under one roof.

My whole life I struggled with choosing one thing. Up until recently, I thought I had to put myself in a box to be successful. I had to be content with being "just a ___" but could never quite figure out what to put in the blank. As my two boys grew a little, I started modeling, jumped in with Dan's t-shirt company, got more involved in church, tried to read more books, tried to learn calligraphy, picked up photography, and quickly realized I had added WAY too much too fast. It was time to rethink.

Over the holidays I made the time to sit in a quiet place with my journal and a pen. I carved time out of my day to break my life into categories and analyze each one- trying to answer the question "What would your life look like if you designed it intentionally and had no fear?" No fear of what others think of me, no fear of failure, no fear of societal expectations. What do I actually want?

What I found after journaling for hours was that there were too many parts of my life that did not align with the person I saw myself as or the life I truly desired to live. I mapped out a few realistic changes I could make, and this website was the first one. I teamed up with the amazingly talented Tatiana Soash to create a "brand" and vision that felt like me.

The tagline on this site is "Speak life. Create beauty."

Friends, this is what I believe I was put on this earth to do. Nothing brings me more joy than helping others realize their potential and unique ability to add a little more light to the world. The best way I know how to do this with the cards I've been dealt and the time that I have is to share the lessons I've learned through writing and to capture the beauty I see through a camera lens.

I'm not the best writer (I use a lot of run-on sentences, sorry guys). I'm not a world-class photographer (yet, haha). However, I know that God has given me these few passions to share with others. I know that together, you and I, we can use our hurts to build bridges where others might have had to swim. I know we can create beautiful images that represent the most meaningful parts of life. I know that we can be multifaceted and be successful. We can be strong and soft, traditional and rebellious. We can be exactly who we were created to be.

I hope you choose to join me on this site as the journey continues. Here's to big dreams and the beginning of something wonderful.


P.S. If you're curious about the process I took to align my goals and life, I created a template. Hit the "Get in Touch" button on my home page and I'll happily email you a copy.

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