• Dana Martin

Sam & Layla/ Family / Longmont, CO

This week I'm going to take us back to Mother's Day minis, because it feels like an injustice to sweep over the beautiful storytelling we did at these sessions. Each one was different and but equally beautiful. Family and motherhood means something different to every person, but it was truly a joy for me to observe and interact with so many amazing mothers.

Sam is about as lovely of a person as you can find. She is like lemonade with a shot of vodka and I love everything about her! I had the honor of meeting her and Dave's daughter, Layla, when she was a newborn, and watching her grow has been so fun! We had a few friends have little girls around the same time Wilder arrived, and I feel thankful she has friends that she can grow up with like Layla. This little lady is so happy, curious, and full of love for her Mom and Dad.... so you know we had to throw Dad in for a few pictures too :)

Enjoy a few of my favorite moments from their session.

Here's to great mamas and cute babies!


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