• Dana Martin

Kait & Madeline / Family / Longmont, CO

If there is one thing a startup small business owner is thankful for, its good friends. These people are your people. Your friends are the ones who, at the start, consistently like and share your posts, spread the word about you, and buy your products. I hit the jackpot with Kait. She has done all of those things for me, not to mention spending hours talking about content strategy (do I need one Instagram or three?), imposter syndrome, balancing mom life with a hobby turned business, and just plain old being a great friend. She is a spectacular mom, steady and loving wife, accountant, food blogger, and a budding food photographer that will one day make a lot of money. She makes everyone in her life feel welcomed, well-loved, and well fed.

Our motherhood session in May was towards the end of my mini session time slot and we chased Kait and Cody's daughter, Madeline, all over the fields and studio. It is times such as these where rockstar dads come in handy. What we captured was not perfectly posed, rather a glimpse of the beautiful chaos that is toddler parenting. This sweet little lady rests in the comfort of knowing she is safe and secure with her parents, and what a cool thing that is to see. I believe I say this in every blog post, but it is really a privilege for me to capture such fleeting moments in time for people that I dearly love. As they say, babies don't keep.

Please enjoy a few of my favorite images from this beautiful session!


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