• Dana Martin

Feelings Over Flights

I'm searching. Constantly.

I'm scanning the horizon for the next opportunity. The next big thing. The next excuse to prove myself. I'm always searching for the next reason to pull myself out of the muddy emotional mess that is my soul and run. I would much rather keep the world at an arm's distance to protect myself.

When anyone gets too close to the wall around my heart I panic.

You... Are you like me? Are you searching? Are you running?

At this point I've read so many self-help books it would make your head spin. I physically cannot pick up one more of these books because I know how every single one of them ends. It goes something like this: You can. You're enough. You and you alone can change the entire universe. Girl, catch those flights! Ignore the haters! Kick everyone out of your life that dare challenge your views on the world. Clench your jaw and hustle harder. Maybe some will say take more time to yourself- more bubble baths, journaling, and spin classes for all!

All of this is well and good. I've learned a lot from all of these books and taken good points away from each. But what happens to the people who already know they're enough and worthy but still feel... alone? I can write affirmations on 100 sticky notes and post them around the house but they still don't answer the deepest questions of the heart.

I would like to remind you in the most gentle way possible- It's not about you.

We are living in a society that values connection, but the connection is more quantity over quality. We long for thousands of followers, likes, and interactions. We long for influence. But what are we really longing for? My friends, we are longing for depth in a superficial world. We are looking for real in a society that passes off perfection as normal and expected.

Here's my call to action today- get back to the real. Do something this week for someone else. Maybe even do that thing when you yourself are feeling down.

Volunteer somewhere, send your friend $5 for coffee, or find an organization to jump in with.

Call (don't text) someone you love and ask them if they're happy.

Post someone else's picture on your Instagram because they're doing an amazing job at something.

Be a hand raiser. Serve someone other than yourself- then watch how damn good you feel afterwards.

Perhaps this is a half post for myself, as I get stuck in my head far too often, but I think we need more people in this world who are willing to stick around to work through the feelings instead of catching the flights.

Instead of life being defined by all of the self-help books, accomplishments we are missing out on, and bags we can't buy, let's define it by how we love radically in a world that's scared to be seen.

Show up. Show your heart. Love hard.

Will you?


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P.P.S. Here is a great resource to find volunteer opportunities that will speak to your interests in your community.

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