• Dana Martin

Chelsea / Fitness + Lifestyle / Denver

This is the set you've all been waiting for... I've had multiple people ask to see the finals of Chelsea's fitness and lifestyle set. Chelsea worked her tail off for months prepping for a bikini competition (which she WON, by the way) as part of a "Dirty 30" bucket list. Isn't that amazing?! I truly admire the dedication of people who compete in fitness competitions because it is a ton of time, dedication, and discipline. It takes work, effort, and the constant ability to place the final goal above everything else. I was so excited to work with Chelsea, and I think we were able to create photos for her that she will be proud to have forever.

We did a mix of athleisure and lifestyle to show off her hard work and had so much fun together. She has a creative mind as well, so easily sunk into posing and was throwing out ideas and concepts as we worked. She was present and involved which made the shoot time fly by.

Chelsea is truly such a kind, talented woman and I'm so happy to know her and have had the chance to capture such a cool time in her life.

Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite highlights from our shoot.

She nailed it right?!


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