• Dana Martin

Charlie / Family / Firestone, CO

Have you ever taken a photo that you love so much, you don't know how to share it? But you do want to print it out and display it everywhere?

That's essentially how I feel about this session. I've been keeping it to myself, mostly because I don't know how to post it without a small parade. It makes my heart swell!

Sarah and I went to high school together, and thanks to social media, I have thoroughly enjoyed following her journey from school in California to now living and working in the Big Apple. A long way from Monument ;). She is truly a lovely woman- kind, loving, warm, and thoughtful. I'm thankful to know her!

Getting to spend a little time with Sarah, her fiancé Raph, and new puppy Charlie was truly a joy. I'm so happy it worked out. What a fun time of life they are in! Please enjoy a few highlights of the cuteness.... we can plan a small parade later because I'll be using these images in my portfolio forever.

Raph and Sarah are getting married SO soon... if you're reading please send them all of the prayers and good vibes as they celebrate and enter into marriage. Congratulations you two!


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