• Dana Martin

Angel / Family / Longmont, CO

I would like to start by saying that everyone needs an Angel in their life. Not just an angel protecting you when you drive... but an angel like my sweet friend, Angel.

This lady has had such a positive impact on me over the last few years that we have known each other. She is organized and dependable, which is balm for my hot mess soul. She is a spectacular mother, an inspiring wife, and a champion of women, mothers, and humans in general. She works incredibly hard curating meaningful content for mothers on The Sister Joist. If you need a good podcast recommendation or a mom hack about how to keep the kids from dispensing the soap too fast- Angel is your gal. If you need an ear to listen or someone to check up on you when you post something petty on social media- Angel is your gal. Basically, she rules.

I have had the privilege of capturing her family at a holiday mini session and again at our Mother's Day Mini. It has been so fun to watch her two little girls grow, each with their own sweet personality and way of interacting. Her husband, Patrick, is always so kind and willing to help, incite giggles, and hop into the photos. These moments in motherhood and life that we get to freeze are so, so special. Babies don't keep and how lovely it is to have special memories that only take 20 minutes to capture.

Thank you for trusting me with these moments, Angel, and I hope everyone enjoys a few of my favorite photos from their session.

Here's to amazing mothers getting into those photos with their babies. We love to see it!


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